Thursday, June 21, 2012

Health Clinic update, Hunger Games chit chat, Cranes Games take 2

Random things to fill you in on:

  • The health clinic is coming together!!  We're so so excited about it.  They've got the walls pretty much up but...they ran out of bricks.  So they got the brick machine back, made more bricks and should have the roof ready to be put on by Saturday.  How cool is that!?  Some of the group will go up on Monday to help put the cement floors in.  It's looking good and is going to impact so many wonderful peoples lives.  I'm so excited to see the finished product.  I'll obviously keep you posted.
  • I went to another Uganda Cranes football match.  It was fantastic.  First of all, we hit up some shopping beforehand.  We just bought a couple of little Africa decorations for home.  The game was so rad.  We played Congo and won 4 to zip.  The crowd went nuts and ignored the "no spectators on the field" posted on the jumbotron.  Tons of people ran onto the field and the sprinklers came on and people were dancing.  I was hesitant to get involved because we always draw a crowd.  But after the crowds died down a bit, we climbed down onto the field using some scaffolding and partied for a bit.  It was a wonderful little Saturday outing.  Loved it.  All of it.
  • You guys!  I finished reading the Hunger Games!  I won't tell you how long it took me to conquor that book, but longer than any true fan should take.  I loved it!  The ending left me hanging and I freaked out for a sec...but never fear, the last two books of the series were packed in my bags.  I'm now into the second one a wee bit and am loving it.  
  • I went to St. Stephens (a private secondary school about an hour away from where we live) and helped teach the leadership and empowerment classes.  It was really cool.  I love teaching and I love being around that age group.  We were working with kids ages 15-18 (but some are a bit older, up to the age of 25).  I had to teach Sex Ed classes which was a solid good time.  Be jealous, be very jealous.  It's not that any of us are specifically qualified to teach these courses but we care about the people, see needs, and research and prepare.  I was surprised by both how much they know and don't know.  They ask questions that make it seem they've done experimenting but it's clear that's all they know--what they've experimented with.  It was eye-opening that these kids are so involved in something they're truly not mature enough to handle, but an awesome opportunity to help teach them about it.  
  • Ironic that I didn't finish the Hunger Games until I lived here in Uganda.  Frequently, since living here, I've thought to myself how much where I live seems like District 12. (be prepare for dorky comments to follow.  Comparing my life to the Hunger Games.  Ready...go!)  The frail people, tattered clothes, living day-to-day, no electricity, the food that is flour mixed with water, etc.  Even up at the village where I was teaching classes, we volunteers pulled our food out of a bucket at dinner time and rationed what we'd have to eat for the next few days.  Some pieces of bread, a couple of tomatoes and an avocado.  It's just been interesting reading it here.
  • P.S.  Speaking of our bucketed food goods.  Have you ever tried putting avocados and tomatoes on a piece of bread?  Delicious.  
I have videos and pictures to post but it'll have to wait.  Sorry my blogging has been subpar lately.  I've been super busy but I'll be better.  Love you oodles!  Kisses from Uganda,

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  1. Good to hear from you again. Sorry we missed your call this morning. I'm glad you've had a good week. I know how long it took you to read Hunger Games! I'm so proud of you! Can't wait for pictures.