Saturday, June 23, 2012

VIDEOS--dancing and singing with the kids

So I have provided a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.  I asked my dad what he wanted for Fathers Day and he told me he wanted a video of me dancing with the kids.'s one from a week or two ago.  It was the week we were carrying sand and rocks everyday to help build the village. The kids had a little dance sesh at night and little Brenda (in the blue dress) wanted to teach me some of her moves.  So HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
Here's a little shout out to my kid sis Kenzie.  The first day working in this village when the kids were helping us carry rocks back and forth during their recess I thought, "This is soo sweet of them.  Now how can I make it fun for them?"  So I tried to think of a song with simple lyrics that they could learn.  Naturally (being sarcastic, of course) the Bieber song "Baby" came to mind.  Kelsey and I would sing a line at a time of the verse and they'd repeat it but they know the chorus very well.  It was fun to have some way to play with them even though we were all carrying heavy rocks.

I didn't realize until AFTER the filming of this song that they were playing with my camera case the whole time. haha That's why only Marcy (the girl on the left) is the only one singing the verses. haha But they all know the chorus which I find both hilarious and darling at the same time.  Enjoy!  Bieber in Africa! 
Aannddd because I cannot get enough of the kids dancing, here's a video of some of my tiny friends shaking it like a wet border collie.  Love you all!  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Hey you've got some moves too, babe. Gotta love that African Dance class! What sweet kiddos. I love how bravely they all sang that chorus. So cute.

  2. Man those kids our so cute! I'm surprised you still know the words to baby mal, well that is your favorite Beiber song you must sing it all the time there! :) keep the videos comin, they're so cute! Mal your african dance class is coming in handy now huh?! love you mallo!

  3. Mallo,
    Ok I don't know why but I have been looking at this blog for an hour now and I started to cry.
    It may be the extra hormones but I think I miss you. It is so darling the way you bond with the kids. It just reminded me how awesome you are, and how big that heart is of yours and how lucky I am to know and love you.
    Keep up the smiles and good work.
    Love you sis

  4. All I can think to say is I LOVE YOU!!!! Keep on dancin' girl!