Sunday, June 24, 2012


Whether I'm souvenir shopping or shopping for Christmas presents, I think it's fun...and sometimes stressful coming up with the perfect gift.  You know, the type of gift that causes the receiver to smile really big because it's perfect--well thought out, personal, etc.  I don't claim to be amazing at it--my sisters and mom are much better than I am at this--but there's something so satisfying as the giver to see that you did good.  They're happy.  They love it.

My fears before committing to a gift purchase usually run through my head in the form of one of these questions, "Are they going to actually use this?  Or will it just sit in their closet?  Are they going to LOVE it?"  Naturally as a good intentioned gift giver, I want it to be beneficial to them, something special to them, something they'll cherish.  (Allow me to repeat, I'm not a rock star at this.  But I enjoy trying.)

The reason I bring this up is because of church today.  It was such an beautiful day for me.  I really got a lot out of the talks and have a list of things that I'd like to change and improve.  It was lovely.  I was sitting in sacrament meeting just "Mmm"ing the crap out of one of the talks (because it was spiritually delish) and I stopped to think about my gratitude for the Holy Ghost.  I love the warmth and peace that comes from the Holy Ghost.  I sat there, listening to the talks, feeling so happy and just got swept away in my thoughts of how incredible it is that we can be guided, prompted, comforted and taught by a member of the Godhead.

I was thinking about how blessed we are, as members of the church, to have the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I thought about what a great gift-giver God is.  How incredibly well thought out and sweet of Him to give His children something so beautiful and valuable.  It's the perfect gift.  It's nothing to disregard, throw in the closet, etc.  I wonder if, like me, God is happy when He sees us using the gift we were given--appreciating it, valuing it, thankful for it.

It just made me want to do better at valuing the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life.  I want to work harder to be worthy of his promptings, to have him with me all of the time so that I can always be instructed by him.  God knows us all and loves us so much.  Of course He knows what to give us, what would make us the happiest--He knows what gifts will give us a dopey grin on our faces, that will be perfectly thought out, and that we'll never forget.  I just felt so happy today and love Him so much for giving me something that makes me happy and makes my life more colorful.  It really is the perfect gift.  I love it.  It just made me want to better qualify myself for its influence to truly show my appreciation for what I've been given.  That's all.

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  1. Perfect! I was doing sharing time in Primary today and was trying to emphasize this point. My sharing time was on modesty, but the point is to live the way God wants us to live (and do what He wants us to do) so that we CAN have the Spirit with us always. A beautiful gift indeed! :)