Friday, January 13, 2012

Dating, intoxicating introductions, wannabe readaholic.

First week of school. Here it be:
  • I have my institute teacher from last semester. I just think he's hilarious and a great teacher. He called me up after class was over. "Do you need something brother so-and-so?" He immediately responds, "Are you dating someone?" haha "No." He says, "I'm going to work on that." haha Sweet but also funny. Sweet because how darling that he likes me enough to want to take part in hooking me up with someone cool. Funny because...I've never had a teacher say anything like that to me before.
  • We had a bollywood party in our basement. We live in a big ol' house with a huge room in the basement. So after scanning it for apparent spiders, we borrowed a projector from a boys apartment, my friend brought the bollywood version of "She's the Man" and we had ourselves a hilarious good time. It was fun having a non-traditional movie night.
  • I'm taking a Criminal Law and Justice class. Noting the title of the course, our teacher asked us to introduce ourselves but saying our name, hometown, and telling about a run-in we've had with the law. The teacher specified to not announce any current offenses and nothing too serious. He, himself, told a story about when he was in kindergarden and cops got mad at him for pouring glue on ants. But a kid in the back of our class said, "I'm George (don't remember his actual name), I'm here on athletic scholarship (dramatic pause...cause we're supposed to gasp and then want to be a part of his posse because of that fact right there.) and I've been pulled over three times while intoxicated and never been caught." Awesome. I may or may not have judged you for verbalizing that to the class and thinking we were going to award you cool points for it. Wouldn't happen at a church school I'm sure. Dear dear blowsville.
  • This chap in my ward found my number in the directory and has invited me 4 times in the last 6 days to come over to his house to play games. I've only gone twice but have found it amusing to the max. Once we played a card game where we all had to work together to defeat 9 creatures. Yes, I just used the word creatures and yes, it was just as nerdy as it sounds. The next time I brought my friend Kori with me because she had to witness this scene for herself. THIS time we played "robo rally". Yeah, a board game where everyone's a robot and you want to get on the conveyor belt to...get..somewhere. It provides for a hilarious story time afterward. I'm inwardly pleased with myself that I'm not good at those games. When I told them I liked to play card games I had Scum to President, Hand and Foot, Doubt it, etc in mind. Miscommunication.
  • My work Christmas party gave us coupons for different restaurants around town. I took a friend to a wood oven pizza place. Dear me. What a delightful discovery. Thin crust pizza margherita. Fresh basil. Cool vibe to the place. Yes. I love the not chain restaurants. The hole-in-the-wall, quaint, cool places that few people know about. Check.
  • One of my new years resolutions is to read a book a month. I'm stoked about this because I rarely read for fun because I'm usually sick of books from school. haha This is just extra incentive for me to FINALLY finish reading the Hunger Games (It's my January book). The trailer for the movie has come out but I MUST finish it before it actually comes out.
  • Also I made a delicious new something something this week. Egg salad lettuce wraps. A few hard boiled eggs (discarding some of the yokes), mixed up with a wee bit of mustard and some salt and pepper. Throw that in a lettuce leave and oh my! Healthy deliciousness. I love simple but satisfying meals.
  • I've started to feel stressed out about Africa. Started having panicked thoughts about going. It's the first time that feeling stressed has maybe overcome the excitement. That, and freaking out about what to do when I get home. I'm sure this stuff is semi-normal. Just something that's making this week unique.
Hope you guys have had lovely weeks as well. Love from Blogan, yours truly.

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  1. So...I want to comment on every bullet but I'll restrain myself. The pizza place sounds cool and delish. I want to go to there. And I can't wait for you to finally finish the Hunger games so we can talk all about it!