Sunday, January 15, 2012

Going Old School...

My roomies and I decided that on the Sabbath we should be careful about what/if we watch anything. I suggested we make it a musical day. So today we watched a musical--Calamity Jane. I adored it so much more than I was planning on. I grew up watching musicals in my family. My mother engrained a love of music in us which I'll forever be thankful for. Perhaps because I hadn't seen one in a while, I forgot what quality, hilarious yet simple entertainment they are.

I'm the type that gets detained from the obvious aspects of the film by the clothes. Yes, in practically every scene I can tell you who's wearing my favorite dress. Sometimes I wish we could still get all dressed up in such elaborate dresses, and go to fancy dances where everyone knows the dance, and guys are actually capable of asking the girls for a dance...or whatever else they want from them. haha While there have been perks of society modernizing, now it seems the dating scene has somehow evolved to a world of texting, mind games, and ambiguity.

I work country dancing nights at my job. Even if I didn't, I know very well that dances these days are more often then not lined with observers--not knowing how to dance, scared to ask someone/hoping to be asked, etc. Therefore I watched flicks like Seven Brides and think, "Why can't we have generic dances that everyone knows the dance to?" But perhaps that's what the Macarena and Boot Scootin' Boogie are intended to do. They just seem less charming to me.

Maybe, in part, because I've been through some fairly awkward dating scenarios, one of my takeaways is the question, "Should it really be that hard?". I love in the old flicks the idea of being "courted". Yup, being actively pursued by someone who's intentions are clear. I'm all about just saying what I think and being clear. Therefore, the hangout/date mysteries are more annoying to me than flattering. Can't we just be clear about our intentions with each other? I think it's so attractive when guys actually make it clear that they're interested instead of just imply it texts and facebook chat. In fact, my darling co-worker that asks me for dating advice sometimes, that's one of the things I've told him. Boldness can be very very attractive. If a guy is clear about being interested in me and puts a wee bit of effort into it, I'll totally give him a chance. Because....well...I'd rather be pursued than texted. Any day.

I hope none of this sounds like I'm complaining. That's not my intention. I merely found it amusing to look back at old films and then compare it to the life that I know. I completely get that life isn't like the movies and that's completely okay. But I guess today I was just longing (yeah...I clearly just watched a musical, because I'm describing my feelings by saying 'longing'. haha) for something more simple than our current dating world.

I have invited guest speaker Leslie Knope to share some of her bad dates. Just look how far we've come in the dating world. :)

So I leave you now with a song from Calamity Jane. Just a simple little love song that while, perhaps, cheesy, it's Howard Keel. He can do no wrong can't he?

Do you guys have favorite musicals? Do you ever want to transport back in time to them for any reason? While I enjoy a variety of film generes, I'm glad I wasn't raised to overlook the occasional musical. They make me happy. And I suppose another thing I learned today is while I'm definitely an independent young lass, I've also got a wee bit of a hopeless romantic in me. Hopefully I'm not the only one. haha


  1. could you please make sure my brother shows up at country dance night once in a while... might be the only social outlet that saves him! love you, mal. the guys are crazy not to be pounding down your door.

  2. 1. Sound of Music
    2. Les Miserables
    3. Phantom of the Opera
    4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    5. Wicked

    I not only love musicals, but if you suggest we watch one I will drop everything, sit on your lap, and swoon and cry to the beautiful music.