Monday, January 23, 2012

The gift of perspective

Interesting week. I've learned a lot. My friend Kori gave me a beautiful gift by suggesting the documentary "War Dance" to me.
It was amazing. It's about children in a refugee camp in Uganda. It follows three children and they tell their stories about what happened to their families, what they've been through, etc. It blew my mind.
Their school got accepted to compete in a music and dance competition with a bunch of other schools throughout Uganda. It was incredible to me to hear what these amazing children have gone through, and ache for them because I can't even imagine, but then watch them smile and feel joy as they dance and play music.
I kept thinking about my upbringing and that of my nieces and nephews, and just felt like we live in another world. So blessed. This film rekindled my desire to go to Africa. I just kept thinking about how much I just wanted these kids to feel loved--just hug them, play with them, etc. If you have an interest in Africa or would like a little perspective, I'd recommend it.
One of the boys in the film said something that I loved.
"I want people to know that children from northern Uganda, even though we live in the war zone, we can do great things in life"

Mmm....Yes you can.

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  1. K Mal, you may not know this about me (of course you don't!!) but I am OBSESSED with Africa and even Kevin knows, that is going to be on top of the list when we are ready for our next mission. I am quite jealous of you and cannot wait to hear your many adventures!!!!!