Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Texas--Final take...which would be 3

The beginning of my Houston vacation! I think I had a dopey grin on my face from start to finish. Kim kept saying things like, "I hope you have a good time." and I had to keep reassuring her, "You don't understand, I'm pretty sure I could get mugged and attacked by a herd of wildabeasts and still enjoy every second of this vacation." It proved to be true--well I didn't get mugged or anything, but I enjoyed these 3 days to the fullest! Exhibit A: me obviously getting giddy in my traveling exhaustion as the Denver airport transports you in something that, to me, is reminiscent of a metro. Yes, you can judge me for finding joy in odd things like this. I will, and do. There she be!! Houston! I never used to be a big city girl. In fact, when I went to New York City....I really didn't like it in the least. But all big cities since then have efficiently stolen my heart--Houston included.
One of the many things that I love about Kim--she's my running buddy! Running feels like much less of a chore when you can go with someone to talk to and keep your mind busy. It's always a good time for girl talk and reason to rationalize what you're undoubtedly going to partake of later that day. i.e. chocolate covered strawberry ice cream. Er...yeah. Not even going to feel a bit guilty.
We thought we were working out. Tate thought we were climbing objects. All parties were amused.
Who could even be the slightest bit mad? Come on, just look at how he wreaks of adorableness!
One day Kim and Glenn took me to this massive store FULL of accessorizing goods. It's almost a sensory overload. I didn't know where to start and for some reason I couldn't stop smiling. Hmm...combination of vacation + anything that allows me to accessorize. Tate has an apparent knack for matching things up.

Religion meets bedazzling! This place was incredible because there was stuff like this everywhere. It's like a massive warehouse of any and all accessories you could ever want. And I dare you to find something that's not bedazzled enough. Texas will see you, and raise you something like this:

If Webster ever found himself at a loss for words, perhaps he'd use this photo to help explain what it means to be hard core.
This marks the beginning of our evening of: Texan fair, Texan rodeo, and Texan Tim...though I actually have no idea where he's from. It was an afternoon/evening of high dosages of Texas and I couldn't have soaked it in any more! Loved it! Here is the beginning of our "letting loose". We had no idea what was in store but before even entering, the golf cart parking left us pleased.

IS everything bigger in Texas? I've always wondered, and I will wonder no more!
Nothing says, "Pick me to hold up your pants" like a plethera of massive, bejeweled circles of texan leather. Yes. Just yes to everything that's happening.

I had to. This is just funny.
"To do" list before I croak: Be able to rock a cowboy hat like an ol' pro. I have yet to be able to accomplish it--as you can tell--but I feel like we're making progress. Glenn on the other hand looks, indeed, like a man from snowy river.
Cowboy boots. Is it a sign that I'd been in this fair for too long if these were actually looking cute to me? Lemme know!!
Sooo much to try on. Just keep a VERY open mind cause...well...just take a look for yourself:
Kim and I died laughing because someone had to try one of these one. We just didn't tell Glenn until after the photo was taken that there's a "Women's shawls" sign by these delights.
Puppets are just always funny. The lady at the stand thought we were genuinely interested and tried to grab one and have it talk to us. In reality...we just wanted to make fun of the whole idea.
In need of a night light? Look no further than your Bud Light or tobasco sauce bottle. Reusing takes a whole new meaning.
Yes, there was a Jon Deere section of this massive Texan fair. And...partaking was exactly what Kim and I thought would be appropriate. Love it!
What a great trip! Other highlights: Redboxing "Morning Glory" and rewinding the jet part 35 times because we were laughing hysterically, Watching the Bachelor and being reassured that after watching some really coo coo's nest females, that I really don't have many problems--for example, "it feels like I got punched in the stomach......and the heart". Hilarious. Gaining a new appreciation for the hilarity of Meryl Streep. Egg white waffles. Shopping at ZARA--which, if we're being honest, brings nothing but true joy. haha Learning that starting the day off with spinach really is the only way to go. Pretty much, in a nutshell, the Makechnie clan = nothing short of a good time. Thanks for having me and showing me around! I loved every second and have been going through withdrawls ever since. In fact, I find comfort in a friendship with fellow classmate who's from Texas and I think it's one of our bonding points. haha Thanks for an amazing trip mom and dad. It was perfect!


  1. It has not been very long and I forgot about some of those details. Alcohol bottle night lights? Seriously people?
    Mal, so many good times. When are you coming back? Love ya.

  2. sam moon it totally looks like they took you to sam moon! am i right? am i? (accessory store)