Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texas sock rockin'--Take 2

So Kim, Glenn and I got to hit up a fair, rodeo AND Timothy McGraw concert. It was every and all things Texan. I have this problem where when I get really excited about something....I lose all control. Everything becomes hilarious and photoworthy. Poor Glenn was probably impeccably embarassed by mine and Kim's sheer glee at everything happening. Here is a quick glimpse:
Entrance of the petting zoo. Yeah, Tate was home with a sitter but Kim and I still wanted to have a go. Kim and I walked toward it singing "spring, spring, spring" from seven brides to seven brothers. There's a scene in that movie where all the darling boys take the ladies to hold and see the cute baby animals. Hilarious because even without the bright colored clothed, singing lads, it was just as enjoyable....and hilarious.
We were so excited about the baby kangaroos. They were, as fate would have it, the only animals that we couldn't touch. But alas, still closer than I have previously been complaints.
Darling little piggy. One of the many animals that is only cute when it's teeny tiny.
Llama llama llama! Nervous? Yes indeed but more funny that we're two adults NOT holding a young child so they can see the animal. Negative. We just honestly wanted to play with them ourselves. haha Good times.
We wanted to see the baby deer the whole time. Let's be serious. The only deer I've ever seen have been ones that my father/brothers have hunted or the many that have unfortunately become victims of vehicles here in Logan. It was darling and we couldn't stop laughing because we automatically went into high pitched voices talking to it.
"Are you a baby deer?" "Yes you are!" was like "are you my mother" for deer. Awesome.
Aaannnd the hilarity continues. I am an Arrested Development fan and this was just a photo op waiting to happen. "There's always money in the banana stand." And the fact that it's called "squeezers" was just asking for us to find it funny and pose in a childish manner.
Wow. Texas can and does fry everything. We were laughing and the limitless options of already NOT low in fat food that you could have deep fried. Did we try a couple of things? Well, yes...because we thought it'd be funny. And we were right.
Fried cookie dough, cheesecake, and oreos. The only reason I didn't feel guilt for the rest of my life is because my sister and I were going for right nice jogs each morning. Definitely not something to do on a regular basis. But come on, it's Texas.
This would be the cookie dough.
Sisters!! This was in the MASSIVE stadium where we got to watch a rodeo that was SOO much more hard core than the dear one that Pleasant Grove puts on. It was also here where later that night, Tim McGraw pleased the crap out of us. Zero disappointments that night. Zero.
Exhibit A. I have never considered myself a cowgirl or into cowboys--at all. But oh dear, something happened when ol' Tim came out. I didn't realize how much I loved him and his music until this eve. He has some genuinely great tunes and put on a concert that made us get giddy, laugh and sing right outloud. Thanks Tims parents. We enjoy your son to the fullest. (Yes, I am entirely aware that is awkward, but I will not be deleting it.)
You would think that'd be the end. But it's sure not. Just wait...


  1. I love this post so much.
    I would be just as wildly excited about the petting zoo.
    "Are you a baby deer? Yes you are!" Hilarious.
    There's always money in the Squeezers stand! BAHA!

  2. oh my goodness, I absolutly love my sisters! You goofs excited to see a deer! Oh man you guys crack me up when you are together, poor Glenn has probably not seen that much before! Love you guys so much!

  3. haha. 'are you a baby deer?' oh sorella. sei buffa e brava. ti voglio un sacco di bene. and this trip looks so rad. glad you had a super time