Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wonderful male, La laurea, Waking up happy...

  • So this one time...err...two days ago...I went to a flick called "The Lucky One". Did I hate it? Negative. Movies like this make me want a boy like that. You know, the... he's says all the right things, is insanely kind, and puts forth legitimate effort to be with you type. Yeah, those guys that seem fictional because they're THAT wonderful. Yes, that movie made me want one.
  • Graduation is approaching like a moving train which...if you've seen Unstoppable, you can go ahead and ask Denzel because he can submit to you that it's fast. haha I have some big projects to submit this week and can't wait for that feeling when the weight is lifted and I can just work on packing and cleaning the massive, ancient house that I'm living in. :)
  • So my little sis has decided that she wants to be a photographer when she grows up and my mom wanted pictures of me since I'm graduating, so two birds were pelted with a singular stone. Kenzie took some pictures and we played "Americas Next Top Model". It was fun. I kept asking her if I was "still in the running toward being Americas Next Top Model". haha Here's the finished product:
  • I always love going to church but today was particularly lovely for some reason. Really good comments, and I just got a lot out of it. I was talking to a woman that I really admire last night and she said something that has been continually resonating in my head. She said, "You know that your relationship with God is good, if your prayers are just as sincere when times are good as when times are rough." I loved that. Perhaps part of the reason it struck me is because as I look back at difficult experiences/times, my prayers are very distinct for me. The closeness that I felt with Heavenly Father was so clear and so real. It made me feel like I should step up my game. My dependence on the Lord should be the same regardless of how well things are or aren't working out for me. I could do better in this regard.
  • I was skyping with a dear friend from the mission a couple of weeks back and he said some really interesting things. Sorry, I've had phrases whirling around in my head that I've thought were so beautiful, and thought I'd share. So this member friend has made some choices so that he now is not able to fully participate in the gospel. It was sad to talk to him. His eyes seemed dimmer somehow and his smiles seemed more labored. He's not able to hold a calling right now or comment in the meetings. He said, "When I can hold a calling again, I'll be grateful for that opportunity. When I get asked to give a talk in church, I'll be thankful for the opportunity to do so." When he said that I thought, "How many times do we complain about our callings or hate that phone call when we're asked to speak in church?" We should be thankful for the opportunity to serve and share our testimonies. It was a beautiful thought. I'd never thought of it that way before.
  • Last story. I feel like this blog will be lengthy and laborious to read...sorry! haha I've been sending some of my favorite talks to this same guy that I skype in Italy. He kind of quit reading his scriptures, going to church, etc. I asked him to start reading again and just promised him he'd feel better and feel more hope. Well one day I got a message on facebook from him and said, "I read the scriptures last night before bed. I feel different today. I woke up happy." Isn't that so sweet? I loved that. It's true too. When I'm more diligent and sincere about doing the daily things--scripture study, prayer,etc., I feel more like myself. I feel happier. It's easier to help people--easier to want to. There really is an internal happiness from doing what's right and honestly working on your relationship with Heavenly Father. I'm so glad he recognized that--and shared it with me. It was a great reminder.
Anywho that seems like a sufficiently lengthy post for the day. Til next post, Mals


  1. Lovely, as always. I have an appointment with the bishop next week and he told me I'm getting a calling...I'll stop complaining in my mind now.
    Love the picture. Well done Kenz. And as far as I'm concerned, yes, you are still in the running to become America's Next Top Model. Can't wait to see you in a week! Keep posting your random thoughts. Your brain is a wonderful place to be.

  2. I must say....i did a Good Job!!! And yes, you are definitely in the running of becoming America's Next Top Model! Love you malo