Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Tis I. Yes, it's been many moon since I blogged. So here's a massive post about the random goods that have been going down. Finals are approaching and I'm missing Christmas vaca with my fam more than ever. Sleeping in, doing P90X, and abounding hilarity seem much more socially appetizing than studying boresville textbooks and filling arcade games with tickets for a living. haha But zero complaints, just increased love and appreciation for these gems:My roommates are hysterical. We've gotten so much tighter this semester. We die of laughter 92.4% of the time. We celebrated "Mallory Day" a few weeks ago. We sometimes pick a roommate and dedicate a day entirely to them. Yes, one might suggest this is similar to the whole birthday shabang. But no one sees this day coming. They bought me the sweet nectar that people usually call Orange Juice. We went to a movie, and out for pizza. It was not a disappointment on any account.
I went to my last USU basketball game. We won. :) I'm mostly ecstatic to be graduating but there have been little moments when I have been able to freeze time and really stop to cherish this time that I have. I have LOVED the basketball games here at school. They're so fun to watch and after going to BYU-Idaho for several years (where sports are nonexistent) I've loved going to a school with school spirit...even if it's quite rambunctious. haha
This is errbody singing the Scottsman.
I went to a Matt Nathanson & Kelly Clarkson concert with Ms. Ashlee. I haven't seen Kelly since my senior year of high school and her vocal expertise has hardly diminished. I've been listening to her album non-stop. She's amazing. And Matt...well...just look at him. He's darling. So funny, good tunes, and a consistent good time. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him live, do it.
My summer in Africa is approaching very berry quickly. I've been so busy with school, my internship and work that I haven't really had time to stress about it. I've found a few skirts (because I have to wear skirts everyday...sounds very familiar), have met the team that I'll be going with, and feel like I'm already in love with the Ugandan people and we haven't even met. It doesn't seem real that I'm going to be LIVING in Mbale, Uganda. I can't believe it. It's funny to talk to people about it because many people have zero interest in doing something of the sort. It's funny how we all have different interests and some people just don't ever want to go to Africa. haha Which is okay. But it really is a dream come true. I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to go help people full-time. I know it will change my life. I sure hope that it will change many of theirs. My team is trying to raise money for projects we'll be starting this summer. If anyone is interested, feel free to watch the video on last summers projects and donate whatever you can/you'd like for this summers projects. It's just a way for you to get involved if you're interested.

There are more updates to post about: More awkward dates...because I attract those haha, I could ramble about my internship with Burmese refugees for eleventy hours, etc. But I'll call it quits for tonight. Love to you all, Mallo


  1. FINALLY another post! I've been waiting for an update. Sounds like you've been having fun as usual. Sad I missed Mallory day. That sounded like quite the party. Love you. Good luck with finals!!!

  2. Mal, are you going to be able to blog from Uganda? I've told you I'm insanely jealous. I will go to Africa some day...I've told Kev for years that is going to be our next mission. I can hardly wait to hear your adventures and see your beautiful pics. Really. I can't wait.