Thursday, April 19, 2012

Internship, tom foolery...

What. A. Doozy. This whole graduating thing has proven to be a we bit of work. haha I sometimes feel like I have a million things going on and don't know how to balance it all. I hear it just gets worse once you have kids and goods like zat. So I'm hardly complaining, but just trying to adjust with class. haha

Today I took two tests--both in classes where I really need to do well. I think they both went quite well. I literally felt a weight lifted when I finished taking them. Now the projects that I have to do can be counted on one hand and I feel like I can do it. :) Not to mention the fact that I'm up and relocating to Africa in a couple of weeks. I really don't have time to process it at all. It doesn't seem real and I think a part of me isn't capable of grasping it right now. But once I'm on the plane, or rather, my first night sleeping under that mosquito net, I'm sure reality will dorsal fin me to the face. Why a dorsal fin? unknown.

For my senior capstone, I've had to do 40 hours of service (a bit like an internship) with a particular organization. I was assigned to work with the English Language Center--but specifically with the refugees here from Burma. Every Wednesday and Friday for the last few months, I've been going to two hour long classes where I've been teaching some of these refugees in their homes about finances.
Being that they've been in refugee camps for so long, you can imagine what a doozy the adjustment to the US would be. The concept of money and money-management is very foreign. I taught them how to read their bills, write numbers out longhand, write checks, and balance a checkbook.
It's been so rewarding for me to help these women. They're such kind people and are so willing to learn. I've found the experience so rewarding and would love a job where I can come home feeling like I've benefited people who appreciate what I can offer them. Sometimes I go to my Fun Park job and deal with snobby people who expect everything of us (as employees) and are sometimes quite mean. So volunteering my time with humble people who have gratitude for and desire to learn has brought me so much joy and fulfillment.
I have this thing where I kind of fall in love with people easily. (this is perhaps a flaw to my character)  It's just not difficult for me to genuinely care. These people are no exception. I know all of their names, their children are sooo cute, and my heart always gets a little sad when I have to leave for the day. haha I took pictures...yes, for my project, but because I really have loved being able to help these people and I want to always remember them. yes, Mallo=Sap. There you have it! Cat's out of the bag!
It's not all stressville at our home. If you've taken the color test, you'll understand what it means when I say that I'm a flaming yellow personality. I can work hard, yes. But I require a good amount of play time and social interaction. (I'm also white and blue, but the yellow portion of my personality is...pungent.) Anywho, I was home for the weekend playing "tricks" with my cute little nieces thing led to another and...we might have done the same with each other. haha

haha Oh dear, this actually happened. There is nothing photoshopped, no optical illusion, but this is, in reality, what took place in our home. I've told you before, we die laughing the majority of our time together. I wouldn't have it any other way.Check it out, 2 posts in a week! This is a big deal for me these days. haha Love to you all. Over and out! Malloir Falloir

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  1. Oh my dear pungent sister...I meant your personality...the yellowness. Anywho, I'm glad you're almost through with your undergraduate experience! Your internship sounds awesome. Why can't their be a job where you can use your amazing skills to help people and make even a decent amount of dough? Huh? Good luck with the rest of your projects and tests! Can't wait to see you in a week and a half.