Thursday, February 9, 2012

Word Choice

I find boys versions of compliments humorous. While I'm sure their intentions are good, their approach slash word choice is amusing to me. Examples:

I kinda sorta dated this kid a bit over the summer. Super nice guy. I think nothing but good things about him. I knew it was probably going to be DTR time and just didn't know what to do about it because it was time for me to move up here for school so...I was trying to dodge having the conversation. Well it was about a week or two before I was moving back up here for fall semester, I was at a Redbox machine (my friend waiting in the car), when I hear behind me, "Mallory?"

'Twas him. (Why I felt it appropriate to use the word 'twas is beyond me. It felt right.) He came up to me and smiled and said, "I saw that frizzy hair and knew it must be you." Huh. Trying to feel flattered by the comment...but is "frizzy" a complimentary word? It's not like it hurt my feelings or anything...I just thought it was odd. You'd never see a girl approaching another girl saying something like, "Ooo! Cute hair today. Nice and frizzy!" Right? Funny.

So the other day in one of my classes, this guy asked if he could sit next to me. Sure. He's been trying to talk to me for a little bit. I guess he goes country dancing and recognizes me from that. (I work the country dancing shift once a week and frequently people will recognize me from it...but I have no idea who they are because hundreds of people come country dancing. I either take their money or sell them a cup of water. Our encounters are brief and there are many of them.) So he sits by me is trying to make small talk and then in the middle of the lecture he looks at me and says, "Is your hair naturally that crazy?" haha Once again, word choice. "crazy?" I just laughed and said, "Yeah, my hair does naturally look this way." He said something like, "Well I really like it. It's one of the first things that I noticed about you." Perhaps I would have found that comment remotely endearing if he had previously described my hair as disheveled. haha

It honestly doesn't hurt my feelings or anything. It's just funny to me. I do legitimately have kinda crazy hair. But it's okay, I am past the high school phase of hating it and now I embrace the crap out of it because...shouldn't we all just do that with ourselves? But I just find myself fascinated noticing the difference between the ways guys and girl compliment other females. Consider me amused.


  1. Mallory, this is so true. My dad once compared me to a pack horse thinking it was a compliment.

  2. I want you to know that I love your hair and all it's craziness. I love that my daughter has the same white blond curly hair and it reminds me of you