Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awk presentations, head wrapped in fabric, Swoon-worthy music

  • My sister and her two stinking adorable sons paid Bootah county a wee visit this last weekend. She is a delight and I love every moment with her, her oldest son had a birthday and his lisp and contagious laugh couldn't be enjoyed more, and her youngest little lad is darling and snugglicious! (Above photo proving this)
  • I am working on a debate that I have to argue that the viewing of pornography contributes to/causes a desire to rape. Yeah, please be jealous. The reading is kind of awkward with examples and I think I'll not enjoy explaining this to the whole class. My pasty skin might go a little bit pink with some of the awkward deets we'll have to talk about. Great.
  • I'm starting an internship with a bunch of refugees. We're going to teach them about finances. They were raised in refugee camps their whole lives to they don't really understand the concept of money, or checks, credit cards, budgeting, etc. So this should be a jolly good time.
  • My friend introduced me to Boyce Avenue. He just does a bunch of covers. But riddle me why he covers a Rihanna song that somehow makes me swoon! What is that about?! Just saying, you could listen to "Only Girl" by him and not be displeased...or you could be displeased. I just have yet to be.
  • My institute teacher pulled me aside after class today and officially pitched a guy to me that he wants me to date. Can't. Stop. Finding. This. Wildly. Hilarious. He just walked away saying, "you can't stop me!". haha I figure, with some of the dear awkward dating scenarios that I find myself in, why not let him set me up with someone? Can it really be worse? And if it can, it's to all of your benefit, because I'll just blog about it. haha
  • I went to a boutique over the weekend and found some super cute headscarves. Naturally I wanted in on this goodness but it was 14 dollars for a cute strip of fabric used for the sole purpose of accessorizes your noodle. Why would I spend that kind of moolah? I wouldn't. So I went and bought my own cute fabric, my marms helped me make them and now I can't stop wearing fabric, tied in cute ways, in my hair.
  • I've been looking into finding some clothes for Africa. I can't just romp over there with velvety skinny jeans, a belted cardigan, and shoeties and expect to be embraced into the culture. So I've been looking on etsy for some cute, yet light clothes I can wear there. I've never shopped for third world country attire before. My hunch is telling me that I shouldn't go searching Nordstrom or H&M for the goods. Perhaps post-Africa. :) For now, light skirts and simple tops will do.
  • So...all ties with this hand-holding chap have not been cut. We've had some really cool conversations about the gospel. He's technically a baptized member, but hasn't ever really gone consistently and hasn't been going for a couple of years. He's genuinely kind, but lives a different lifestyle. Which is fine. Anywho, point being, it's been really cool to talk about the gospel with someone. I feel like if I wouldn't have gone to a different university than I wouldn't have had so many opportunities to talk to people about what they believe. It's been cool.
Well, you guessed it, part of the reason why I'm blogging is because I'm putting off homework. haha I wish that wasn't such a predictable trend, but alas. So I'll go study for my Human Resources exam that makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Hopefully I will feel differently post-study sesh. Loves to you all!

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  1. What an awkward topic for a debate! I do not envy you that, my dear lass. And I cannot wait to see pictures of you bedecked with head scarves. Perhaps we should skype about it. I've heard about Boyce Avenue but have yet to look them up. Now I will do so. Thank you for continuing to pass along your new music finds.