Monday, February 6, 2012

Male Pattern baldness, Reality check, Ms. Poppins

Why is it that I want to blog when I should be studying? The mind of a procrastinator, I imagine.
  • I went to the crepery in town to study today. It's just a really cool old house that's decorated all swanky. I cannot study in the library. It's stuffy, orderly, and too quiet. It's so quiet that when ANY noise is made--even the slightest bit, it's annoying. I need to study in places where there's just a murmur of sound...and in a place that feels comfortable and not like all of my other classrooms. Do I sound like a high-maintenance student? Hope not.
  • While at the crepery, this elderly man came and interrupted my studies to talk to me. (I had a feeling it was going to happen because he was going around talking to everyone.) He asked why I was at Utah State. He asked about Italy. "So what do they speak there? Spanish?" That would be a negative, good fellow. He complimented my hair and then pointed to his whig he was sporting and whispered, "I've got five of these. I'm totally bald." haha While the conversation was amusing, I was also ready to get back to my studying. haha
  • I taught sunday school again yesterday. I really enjoy teaching. It's good for me. But yesterday was a bit rough. I think the class had a really late night on Saturday because everyone was tired. But it's okay. I should probably keep looking for ways to prepare more so that I can teach more effectively every time.
  • I was able to speak on the phone today with a man who has lived in Africa---in 80 different countries in the world actually. Er...I kind of want to pick his brain for hours. He gave me the reality check of Africa that I haven't had before. It was less of a "good for you" talk and more of a "this is going to break your heart" talk. The thing is, I already know that this place and these people are going to keep a little chunk of my heart. I haven't even arrived there or met anyone in that country, but I already know that I'm going to love them very much. Seeing their living conditions and struggles is going to be heart-wrenching. Saying goodbye and the flight home are going to be appropriate times to forego mascara. And I know I will ache for them when I get back to America. Yes, with all of this being known in advance, I still want to go. And I want to soak in every moment. I want to do as much good as I can, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to do so.
  • I work a morning shift at the Fun Park. Usually the only people there for the first few hours are moms and their wee children to play on the soft play. We usually have disney music playing for them. I realized...I don't really have an appreciation for Mary Poppins music. For some reason every time one of those songs would come on, I felt myself kind of groan--longing for another Beauty and the Beast song or something. PERHAPS the reason I don't like those songs, I wonder, is because I've never seen that flick. Yeah, haven't seen it. It's just never really appealed to me. Is that strange? I don't know if I should feel bad about it or not.
  • I went on a cousins date with my cousin Ben. It was actually a perfect night for it because I had just got off work and my roommates had all left town. So we went to a movie together, gave some dating advice (though I'm genuinely impressed that he dates. Because that seems rare for guys to be proactive around these parts) and had some solid laughs. I'm sad I only get a semester with him but it was fun to be able to hang out with him. We saw "Red Tails". It was pretty good actually. I may or may not have adored that some of it was filmed in Italy and that there was some italian speaking.
  • I actually had a nice bonding moment with my visiting teachers. After their first visit I felt super-di-duper bad because when they left one of them said, "Call us if you need anything." and I said, "I will"...but you could kind of hear that I didn't mean it. haha I felt bad. I know that they're great girls with good intentions. I just really only confide in certain people when I need something. Anywho, one of my visiting teachers was super cool this time because I'm going to the doc in the week about something...and she's had similar experiences with it. She was super sweet about talking about her problems and willing to help if I need anything. It really was one of those moments that I thought, "Okay, I'd call this girl." Which is huge for me. haha Sometimes I wonder if some of the problems that we have in life are so that we can relate and be compassionate to those around us.
Alrighty. That'll do. I should probably be all studious now...even though I don't want to. Hope you guys are doing grand. Love from Blowsville!


  1. wahoo for a cousins date! and will you PLEASE put one of those little black babies in your suitcase to bring home to me?? I promise I will love it to bits and pieces.

  2. You are invited to my house for another cousin date to watch mary poppins! Sorry its a must see. Even sarah can sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and shes only 2.

  3. K Two things. The Africa thing is killing me!!! Not many things make me jealous, as I truly do have a very lovely, and satisfying life. But OOOOHHHH, take me to Africa!!!! My spirit is crying. In due time I hope.
    Second thing. MMMMAAAALLLLL!!!! How can you have not seen Mary Poppins! Please come to our house and watch it, sing to it. You will love it. But WAAAYYY better yet, go see it on Broadway. AMAZING!!! (I've seen loads of broadway plays and wasn't expecting much from this one...but it was truly delightful.)