Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh My Dear

Get ready for a very jumbled post!!
  • I went to the Stadium of Fire and it was a solid good time. I'm now a bigger fan of both David Archuletta and Brad Paisley.
  • I'm also becoming more and more converted to the music of Taylor Swift. I heard her song "mean" and just think she's darling. Who knew I enjoyed country goods so much? Not I, my friends. Not I.
  • I ran the Freedom 10K in Provo with my brother Adam and Sister-in-law Camarie. It was so much fun. It was only my second race. (First being my half marathon in Oct 2010) I love running. And running with other people has proven to be just the ticket
  • I have a summer "to-do" list. One of the things on it is: go to a zumba class. Why? Mostly because it seems super faddy and I thought it'd be hilarious. But alas, I kinda enjoyed it. Any opportunity to shake it is an opportunity that I'll take!
  • I LOVE hiking. I try to go on a hike a day. It's starting to get repetitive since I only hike the cave and letters on the mountain. But I enjoy it. It's nice to be outside. Nice to be alone with my thoughts and somewhere beautiful.
  • Can we just talk about 90's movies? Soo funny. We got a wee group together to watch "Surf Ninjas" (a flick Ad and I watched as little kids) and to this day I find it super funny. It was a good time had by one and all.
  • I think I have a problem. I cannot miss an episode of Bachelorette. I find the whole point of the show hysterical and even a little pathetic but I can't stop. Ben is funny in a dorky way. JP is darling. I want one of him I think.
  • I'm going to an institute dance tonight and cannot wait. Something happens when just the right song comes on and standing still is just not an option. So I'm going with a couple of girlfriends and we're going to dance the night away. It seems like a good choice to me.
  • My sister came to visit. I adore her. We went shopping running, made yummy salads, and always have good laughs. I miss her. I wish I could just apparate to Texas whenever I wanted. (Yes, unnecessary Harry Potter reference)
  • I had breakfast with some french friends the other day--one of whom did an internship in Paris while I was on my mission in Italy. Therefore, I have since been daydreaming of doing an internship in Paris or Italy when I finish my degree next year. I am not good at dreaming small.
We can call it a day for now. There's more to tell and pictures to post ma piano piano. :)


  1. I love these random thoughts posts. I must see surf ninjas again. Oh so many memories. I'm with you, I think it needs to be JP or Ben...though, why it takes up so much of my time/thought is still baffling to me.
    I wish I could apparate there (or you here) so we could see the final Harry Potter movie together at midnight! I cannot believe it's next week...and I don't think I'm going. Wa wa wa.

  2. Oh man. So many things I want to say about your post. First of all, stadium of fire, I had no idea how big of a deal their fireworks were. I love that you went to a zumba class. when I finally figured out what it was like 2 months ago... I've been curious. I love hiking too! ha. Oh and the bachelorette... I love it. all of the awkward drama-oh man. It's a train wreck I just can't look away from. and kneaders was nothing but a good time, especially when we got lost approximately 2 feet away from you guys. you should definitely do an internship in italy!

  3. Great post! I have been missing you!