Monday, July 18, 2011

Late Night with Potter

Lately I've started to notice a pattern in the beginning of my stories. It usually goes something like, "So I decided to do_____because I thought it was funny." Sooo...the fact that the Reese lasses and I went to the LAST Harry Potter flick midnight premier was a must. Why? Well, because I thought it was funny.Yeah, I've read all of the books, seen all of the movies, but I'm honestly not obsessed in the least. However, if you EVER get the chance to go to a midnight premier of anything, do it! Because that's where the hardcore fans are and I find them hilarious. We were in line to get into the theater and I see a guy dressed as Harry Potter approach a man dressed as Dumbledore. (This man was not playing around. His costume looked sweaty hot not...attractive.) He went up to Dumbledore and said, "Hey, weren't you here at last years premier? I totally recognized you. I came as a death eater last year. I wore a mask. That's probably why you don't recognize me." haha Errr...yeah. That actually happened. And it brought me joy.
My mom found these random glasses in one of our drawers and Jacquel had found this wand-like stick and...that was our version of Harry Potter attire. We didn't take pictures until after the film and...for some reason we figured the dumpster next to the theater would be a nice place for a photoshoot?? ha
The movie was genuinely good. I didn't cry or anything, though there were plenty of fans who cried, applauded, cheered, and gasped...just depending on the scene. Fans fascinate me. Harry Potter comes on the screen and... everyone applauded. A certain evil character finally kicks the bucket and the whole theater bursts with applause and cheer. Funny. All just funny.

Sooo...if you haven't seen it yet and any of the previous films have rubbed you the right way, then give it a go. Especially with many of the current quality (or lack thereof rather) films out there these days. A film that teaches doing the right thing is apparently one that I'll lose sleep over and drop a couple of bucks for. I don't regret it. It was a great film, fabulous company and a hilarious good time. As always.

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  1. A truly hilarious good time it seems. Watching this movie in a theater of italian 14 year olds was quite the event for me. It felt like a chapter of my youths imagination and concerns had closed. love you always