Friday, July 22, 2011

Post-date comfort food

There are some things that I love about being a roommate.

My roommate Whitney and I got along like a charm and did some hilariously great things together. Just the other day, I remembered this lil' tradition:

Whitney got asked out on a date by a lad in our ward that was...awkward, difficult to converse with, and...kinda boring. Nice kid, but needless to say, Whitney wasn't digging the idea of spending multiple hours with him and just really really didn't want to go. Isn't that the worst? A guy asks you out on a date and you feel like you can't say 'no' to the first date because that's pretty much like saying, "I don't even want to get to know you as a human being." when you're really just thinking, "I already know that I'm not interested."

So I said, "Look Whit, go on the date, get through it knowing that saying 'no' to a second date is totally allowed, and I'll have comfort food here waiting for you when you get back." haha This proved to be an awesome tradition. She came home, we brought the pan of brownies over to the couch with us, sat in our pajamas, and with our own forks--skipped the cutting a piece bit--and just dug right in. She spilled all the goods on her date. The highlights...mostly the lowlights...and it was so funny.

So when I came home from my date with "the tickle monster"...that awkward date where he got a little handsy and whatever it was we were doing came to a close, I came home to find her and her sister on the couch with a pan of brownies and 3 forks. It was hilarious. Just sitting on the couch, talking and laughing about a date gone very wrong. So fun. I love fun roommates. And I love traditions like this that are completely ridiculous but too funny to not continue.

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  1. oh I love this. Being able to laugh about awkward date experiences with good friends over good food are some of my best college memories! love you