Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recent loves...

Things I love today...
  • Yogurt covered pretzels. Delicious and I don't feel super unhealthy eating them. Naive of me? I dunno.
  • I may or may not have accidentally put hair removal cream on my tooth brush this morning because I mixed up the bottles. Yup. I may have.
  • When people at the end of my phone calls at work say things like, "It was a real pleasure talking to you." Well I'm glad. My boss doesn't really care if you enjoy talking to me but I do.
  • I'm reading "Standing for Something" by Gordon B. Hinckley and his wisdom frequently blows my mind. I kind of want to stay up all night reading it. Pace yourself woman.
  • My mom painted my fingernails for me. If you ever want to know if I'm ambidextrous, just ask me to paint my fingernails and everything will become blatantly clear.
  • Good scripture study today. I don't know how I ever studied the scriptures before my mission without a grundle of colored pencils on hand. I have color-coordinated what each color means and studying the scriptures is now so much more enlightening and personal to me. Love it.
  • I was driving back to Blowsville and on my way out of the canyon I looked up at the mountains and there were a few trees that formed the most lovely silhouettes against the sky. was a pleasant surprise for a girl not jumping for joy about her re-arrival here.
  • I actually love that I'm lactose intolerant. Why? Because if I wasn't, I never would have discovered the wonder that is Almond Milk. I kid you not, Vanilla Almond Milk is one of the most delicious things that apparently never came out of a cow. Question: WHERE does almond milk come from? Head scratcher.


  1. hahaha... TOTALLY agree about the vanilla almond milk. obsessed.

  2. Mmm, have you tried chocolate almond milk? Delish!