Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sacrament Meeting Talk...

Singles ward. Sacrament. Poor little male speaking. Check out the high dosages of enlightening that went down:

"My seminary teacher once told us that we should pray for our future spouse. So I just think that's something that we should all be doing. Praying for our future spouse...and that we'll be attracted to each other."

There are a lot of things I can think to pray about for my future spouse but, I must confess that it has never crossed my mind to pray "please bless that my future husband is super dooper hot. And that we can't keep our eyes off each other because of the ridiculous amounts of physical attraction that we'll have for each other." haha I may or may not have laughed a little bit (along with several other people) when this seminary teacher pass-along was bestowed upon us. Made me laugh. Best of times.


  1. Honestly, I can't wait to have single's wards behind me!

  2. try it maybe it will work!! haha jk

  3. Have you gone out with this guy yet? He sounds really deep.