Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The latest little details...Shutters, new job, marriage

Here are the latest deets and tails of life on the east coast. :)

My last three days of nannying are coming up.  It doesn't feel like my days as a glorified babysitter are actually coming to an end. haha I will miss that little boy.  Because his health has been all over the place and I've spent so much time with him, of course I will miss him.  He's darling.   The job has been a blessing to me in many ways.  I've been able to save a little money, I've been humbled in realizing that I'm not entitled to any particular occupation just because I have a college degree, I've had glimpses of how wonderful (and stressful) motherhood will be one day, I've learned an awful lot about patience etc etc.  There were definitely hard things about my job that I will try to not complain about.  I'm blessed.  Punto.

I'm in love with my tiny little bedroom.  This morning I tried doing a Jillian Michaels video in it and it was hilarious due to the lack of space.  Finding enough room to do lunges or push ups was comical.  My inflatable mattress fills up the majority of the space.  But I love it.  It's amazing how nice it is to have a space that's mine.  I can unpack, pull out my pictures, and decorate a space that I can call home. Perhaps it's a silly joy but that's okay.

One of my dear friends gave me a plug in candle of sorts for Christmas.  It smells like a dream and the tiny little glow of this accessory surprisingly does a lot to make this room feel warm and cozy.  Easily pleased and loving it.

Because my job as a nanny has been coming to a close, I've been looking and not touching when it comes to the idea of decorating my room.  I just haven't felt comfortable dropping moolah on something like home decor--which I feel is semi-responsible.  haha But I occasionally drop by Home Goods on my way home from work and wander through the aisles brainstorming about how I'll decorate my little space.  I really want to have a cool collage of pictures, cool frames, and some fun painted shutters.  The street view of apartments in Italy is one of my favorite things.  There's something so charming to me about cute painted shutters and baskets of flowers lining the balcony.  So I've been trying to conjure up ways to decorate my room with details of Europe that I love without going for the obvious...you know, like a life size photo of the Eiffel Tower--although I am nothing but fond of the existence of that structure.  haha The shutter idea is darling in my head but it could be a gargantuan belly flop in reality.  Time will tell.

I got two job offers this week and have decided to accept a position as an Administrative Assistant for an endocrinologist.  They're later going to train me to be a Medical Assistant.  It's a huge blessing to be able to have a smooth transition from one job to another.  It's nothing ground breaking or even a ton of money, but I'm lucky to be employed and feel like it's a step up from where I've been...which is all I could really ask for.  I'm so excited to be able to talk to people during the day.  I've spent my last four months talking in a high pitched voice to a baby and am greatly looking forward to interacting with adults again.  Feeling blessed.  Just all kinds of blessed.

I got a message on facebook this morning from a friend in the ward in Africa asking why I'm not married yet. haha That question always makes me laugh.  I had several guys in Africa ask me that question.  I usually go with the true, but what I think would be obvious, "I just haven't met the right guy yet."  He then replied with how I probably have my standards too high.  And I probably have missed out on opportunities in the past because I expect too much of men.  He politely suggest that I lower my standards so that I can manage to find a husband. haha I just laughed.  What a dear soul. My previous boyfriend consisted of a chap who drank, smoked, had no fond feelings for the law of chastity and didn't care about my religion...or christianity in general.  So yeah...my standards are definitely too high. haha He hit the nail on the head.  Bless his heart.  I'm sure he has good intentions.  

I've been talking with a lot more italians lately.  It never ceases to amaze me how my heart floods with love for those people.  Well...I love everybody, but there's something unique about how much I care for those people.  Talking to them, noting their distinct and charming accents, the expressive musicality of their speech and way of being, the way everyone of them envelopes you as family.  Everyone should think their mission is the best in the world and I'm no exception.  Speaking that language and connecting with my friends there brings a joy to my life that I'd never known before.

Here's a Roberto Benigni interview...just because I'm obsessed with Conan and Roberto.  Oh the hand gestures and poetic manner of speaking.  Love all of it.


  1. Mal. Please please!!! do a wall in your new home like the top picture...wall to wall shutters. All painted so cute. I think its perfect. It reminds me of you.

  2. Oh Roberto, how I love him. He's so so funny. I'm glad you have your own teensy space to do Jillian and excited to see how you put it together!
    Yes, clearly your African friend has it all figured out. You just need to lower your standards. Right. Brilliant.

  3. Last day as a Nanny! Congrats!