Sunday, September 30, 2012

Everyone with Badges, Salary searching, Morning Glory

I came to Virginia on Tuesday.  I'm living with my aunt and uncle that are hilarious and wonderful and their three darling kids.  I feel super lucky.

My uncle Mike was so sweet to take me into DC the day before my job interview so that I could see how to get there.  Yipes yipes yipes.  The city is massive!  I just kept oogling out the window muttering things like, "Holy smokes I can't believe I'm here."  And "This is unreal.  Is this real life?!"  Yes, this is real life.  I just passed the pentagon on the way to my interview like nbd.  Oh, the Washington monument, yeah it's right there on the left side of my vehicle meaning, it's time to get off the freeway.  Seriously, what fairytale land do I live in?  Oh yeah, Virginia.  It's awesome.

After I learned the route on how to get to my job interview, Mike and I grabbed some lunch.  I was dying that everyone was dressed in shirts and ties and had badges!  An avid alias watcher, obviously my mind is going crazy with what all of these people do for work.  Spaz, admitting to being a spaz.  Mike says the people that actually have cool jobs don't wear their badges where you can see them.  haha Again, mind blown.  haha

I had a job interview on Thursday with a really cool company for a job that would pretty much change my life.  Alas, I am unsure about how the first chap that interviewed me felt.  The second guy was wonderful and seemed to have a good read about who I am.  I've never interviewed for a salary position before.  The last place that I was employed, I kid you not, the Fun Park.  haha I haven't heard back from this job interview yet.  You would be accurate in assuming that I have varying dosages of freaking out in my system.  I've been trying to find other places to apply but it's very berry overwhelming.  I know that something will come together.  I know that I'm supposed to be here.  But yeah, while the future is exciting, it's also stressful because I have no idea what's in store.

Aunt Jane took me to Wegmans.  It's a grocery store out here that's practically a cultural experience.  Exotic cheeses?  They've got it.  Sushi bar in the middle of the store?  You betcha.  Gluten free section that makes the one at home look Old Mother Hubbards cupboard?  Yeah.  Real.  I honestly just walked up and down the aisle in awe.  Bless them for having a nice gluten-free selection.  The everything intolerant me is very berry grateful.

I went to two wards today.  Woke up at 5, showered up and drove into the city.  I'm trying to start going to one of the singles wards that I'll be going to once I find a big swanky job.  So...I'm just glazing over the big swanky job for today and going to meet people.  In one of them, the bishops wife served her mission in Italy.  Yeah, we spoke Italian for a bit and I'm pretty sure I was beaming.  I have missed speaking Italian.  The wards are great.  I can't officially move my records or anything until I move into their boundaries and I can't do that until I start getting paychecks.  In the words of Leon Marvin, "Babysteps".

So I'm obsessed with the movie "Morning Glory".  I love it.  I love that Rachel McAdams is this darling, adventurous, smart single lady that moves to a big city and has a great career.  I love this movie, in part, because I kind of want this phase of my life similar to hers.  My co-workers from my hilarious temp job and I would tease that I am going to meet a darling chap in the elevator--because she does it and....he's not unattractive or repulsive in personality.  Win win.  haha  So signing out from the girl that's on her way but with a few little road bumps.  Here's a song that I adore from the flick.  Love you from Virginia,



  1. You are amazing!! I loved the links, too. How fun to be with Mike and Kimber. One more unique experience in your life.

  2. You and that city are going to get along splendidly. It's so lovely, isn't it? Good luck on the job search!!