Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Insanity--a workout vid and also my life

I've been procrastinating blogging.  Not because I don't have loads that I should be posting about, but because I'm stressed or something.  I can't offer you any awesome explanations...just acknowledge that I'm aware of the lack of posting and apologize.

I got home from Africa.  It's crazy being home.  There are white people everywhere.  I'm struck by how selfish and spoiled some people are.  Yeah, that sounds mean.  But there was legitimately some reverse culture shock happening.  Kids freaking out at their parents because their earphones to their IPOD weren't working very well is just hard for me to sympathize with.  haha It's fine and I totally get that things and life are different here but it's just fascinating for me to process the things that are complained about here (and I'm positive I do it too) that just don't exist in Africa.  It's nuts.  Upside:  LOVE seeing my friends and family.  It's been a long four months and I've missed erbody.  Though, let's not talk about all the cute peeps in Uganda I miss.  That's for another post.

One of my besties had a baby!  She gave birth just a couple of days before I came home from Uganda.  I visited her in the hospital, got emotional...because apparently I think that's cool or something...and she and her husband are darling parents.  And her daughter is adorable.  See pic below for proof.

THEN Thursday, another of my bestest friends got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  She looked gorgeous and so happy.  He seems wonderful and I'm both blissfully happy for her and selfishly sad that our relationship will have to change because she has someone else to make plans with.  I can't just steal her anytime I want now.  haha  I found out that my temple recommend was expired the morning of her sealing.  Who's the dummy?  Me.  It's all me.  After stressing out and crying (seriously, I told you I've been crying's awkward) I somehow managed to get a new temple recommend and run to the temple sealing just in time.  Miracle.
I got a temp job filing papers.  6am-2pm.  It was hysterical.  Never in my life did I think I'd graduate college and then work as a temp filing papers.  So funny.  But it was perfect.  I needed a random job to work in the few weeks I was home until my friend Mindy got married and it was perfect.  My co-workers were hilarious and again, I could write an entire post about them and our adventures in the warehouse.  In fact, I might do that.

Saturday, I went to visit my sister Kim.  She and her family are so wonderful.  No amount of time with her is ever enough.  We went to the zoo, aquarium, and had so much fun making yummy food, playing with her sweet children, and walking around the mall just because we can.  She's become one of my dearest friends and it's brutality how fast time flies when we're together.  In fact, we're kind of like the Olsen twins because we both posted blogs about our time together at the same time.  haha She really is one of the most amazing human beings I've ever met in real life.  I really look up to her and still feel like a ten year-old sister in the sense that I want to be just like her in so many ways.  I love that any time we're going to talk on the phone, a fifteen minute slot of time will not be enough.  We talk for hours on the phone and I enjoy every second of it.  I love that lady.  Yep, so much more than a little.

Tuesday I flew to North Carolina and then to Virginia.  My Aunt Jane and Uncle Mike have graciously agreed to let me sleep in their house while I'm job hunting in the DC area.  We spent so much time with them growing up that they really feel like immediate family.  They're hilarious, kind, wonderful people and I feel so lucky that I get to stay with them while I save up a few paychecks until I can move into an apartment.

Uncle Mike took me into the city today to help me practice getting there on the crazy freeways.  It's so surreal that these last few months have all happened.  It has all happened so fast.  I drive around out here looking out the window and I'm completely fascinated and intrigued.  I've never spent time out here on the east coast and the concept that it's going to be my home blows my mind.  It's beautiful and green, the old parts of down are so darling and the people seem very berry friendly.  I love it here.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning so I really need to go to bed.  I have no clue if I'm going to get the job...I sure hope so obviously...but I'm trying not to get my hopes up (amateur defense mechanism really).  I will be posting more pics because holy smokes I want to photograph everything!  And I really need to be better about posting on here.  New years resolution in September?  okay.  Also known as a goal, however.  Hmm...Anywho lots going on but I'm happy and excited about this ambiguous future ahead of me.  I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.  I don't know why or what the future holds, but I'm calm and excited at the same time.  Hope everyone's well.  Love, Mals


  1. Love you and love hearing about your many adventures!

  2. You have been busy since returning to the States. We needed some time with you in Idaho! What kind of job are you applying for in the DC area? I love your blog.
    Keep posting.

  3. Thanks for the update! So glad you made it there safe. Please update often so I can read about your life while I'm up feeding in the middle of the night.