Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cockroach, dance instruction, Ayub

I love my life.  I l-o-v-e it!  Because time is running out, I'm trying to soak up any and every detail that makes my current life what it is.

My morning jogs are filled with leaping over pot holes, smooshed frogs, and dodging roaming cows.  Also, little children will often start running with us on their way to school.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the D...everyone gets the D's not big news and we all talk openly about our bowel functions like nbd.  Anywho, oh my way to the bathroom I saw a cockroach scampering around.  We're talking Men In Black status.  Didn't really even phase me.  I just realized this morning I should have been more freaked out.  Probably because I was preoccupied with the D.  Seriously, I'll have to get used the fact that people don't just talk openly about that stuff at home.

We were at lunch at an Indian restaurant and after a while of eating our food, Rebecca says, "You guys, I just found a black hair in my soup."  Samantha then says, "Yeah, I found one in mine too."  Then I add, "Yeah, I found one in mine a while ago too."  Yes, my friends, three of us found hairs in our food and we're just so used to situations like that that we don't tell anyone and just go forward.  Hilarious and gross and sad.

We taught leadership classes at St. Stephens today.  We usually start class with a fun activity to get everyone loosened up and comfortable with each other.  So today...we taught them the Boot Scoot'n "Move Like Jagger" by Maroon 5.  Hilarious.  They loved it and we were all dying that we put that dance to that song.  

I legitimately had a man pat be on the bottom after the circumcision festival and when I turned around to scowl at him he just smiled, nodded and gave a thumbs up sign.  Not okay.  Later that day I was on a boda and we were driving through a big crowd and a man legitimately slid his hand up my thigh.  I was just inhaling about to put the chap in his place when I hear Cami on the boda behind me yell, "Don't touch her!"  haha I felt like I had a bodyguard and a fairy god mother at the same time.

Whenever I hold wee babies around here, they're fascinated by white people body hair--namely, arm hair.  Little kids are always pulling on my arm hair...not like I even have that much...but they don't have any so they look at it in wonder.  

While up at St. Stephens, my friends were teaching me some phrases in Lugisu and...I was teaching them Italian.  I got some of it on film because it's darling.  High school boys asking me how to say, "You're the best" in Italian.  Are we kidding right now?  Darling.  I wish I was a full-time teacher at that school because I am going to be sincerely upset when I have to leave them.  

I took another tennis lesson from Ayub.  My friend Alexis took pics.  I'll have to post them later because I'm super tired.  He's darling.  He played in the Ugandan open and he told me that he could have played in the Olympics but he didn't want to leave his sister.  She's all the family he has.  I love playing with him.  My favorite critique?  When I flat out miss the ball when I swing and he says in his cute little accent, "Watch the ball."  haha Right.  Why didn't I think of that?  haha Love.

Better yet, Ayub came over for dinner and after we were listening to music together and...I legitimately taught him how to dougie. haha One of my favorite moments.  Followed by him singing "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion to myself, Alexis, Holly and Rebecca.

Well I'm super sleepykins.  I get to go to the village tomorrow for a Dental Camp.  Hopefully I get to see sweet little Damalie.  I have pictures and stories to tell when I get back.  Thanks for the pearls of wisdom about staying in Utah or moving to DC.  I love you guys.  And you're right.  The comfort zone is lame.  I'm shooting for DC.  Finishing my resume revamp and then I've got a lot of applying to do and connections to make.  Love you.  Til next post!

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  1. You know you can't make posts like this and then not put in pictures! Your life is going to be so boring when you get home. What will be ever be able to do to make your life exciting again. I guess we'll have to ship you out to some huge metropolis and throw you into another grand adventure. Love you! Mom