Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A list of things that I love...

Well my days in my homeland are numbered so I thought I'd drop you another post really quick...also I don't want to pack and clean. :)  Here are some things that I've loved about my life lately:
  • Imagine Dragons.  My roomies are darling and know how much I love that band so they got tickets for my b-day.  We drove down to Salt Lake and they put on yet another incredible show.  They're ridiculous live.  As much as I already love them, my love and respect for them grows when I see them in concert.  Amazing.  
  • A massive perk of seeing Imagine Dragons is that I get to see the Sermon clan.  One of my best friends in the world is the little sister of the guitarist in the band.  So at their concerts I always find her so we can dance it up during the concert--always a worthwhile choice.  We've been way good friends since high school, lived together in college, wrote each other during our missions, and maybe almost cry when we see each other.  I love genuinely good friends.
  • Speaking of, can I tell you something I adore?  Genuinely good conversations.  Talking about something real with people who care about you and what you have to say.  I have a dear friend up here that is so funny and wonderful and...I just love talking to him.  Mmm...yep, good chats are something that I love because they seem difficult to come by these days.
  • I'm reading the Hunger Games right now.  I love it.  I want to bring the whole series to Uganda.  The end.  
  • So confession:  sometimes it takes me eleventy years to finish reading books.  I just get distracted or forget that I'm reading it, etc.  It's not awesome on my part.  Well I started Hunger last summer.  haha Yeah, I know.  When I was opening it to start reading again, I found a plane ticket as my book marker.  I also found a little receipt with the e-mail of a man named Gino that I met on that flight.  He was the coolest guy.  He lives in D.C. and we just had such a fun conversation during the flight.  Books, jogging tips, hiking, etc.  I have a book recommendation list that he wrote for me and I probably should e-mail him before I leave to see how he's doing.  I loved coming across that paper and memory.  
  • Besides the fact that my roomies took me to an Imagine Dragons concert for my birthday, (yes, today is the anniversary of my arrival to earth...thanks mom!) they made me a gluten free birthday cake today.  It's apparently my thing to have 8 million food allergies and how sweet of them to work around that eh?  So sweet and thoughtful.
  • Umm...I finished my massive portfolio for my senior capstone course (the project that I did teaching the Burmese refugees) and I'm the only one I know of that got an "A" in that class!  I'm not bothered by this news at all.  Not only do I get to graduate college grades are looking dapper.  Pleasing.
Well, I should probably go finish packing and cleaning so that I can move home tomorrow.  I'll try to post another time or two before I ship myself to Uganda....bah!  Loves to you all!

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  1. I love your life. Happy birthday three days ago! You're leaving so soon! If I don't see you before I go, know that I love you to pieces and can't wait to read about your African adventures.
    PS. Don't wear a black and white striped hoodie or a mother lion may think you are a baby zebra and try to eat you.