Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sipi Falls

On Saturday, the clan and I decided it'd be killer swell to hike Sipi Falls.  I tell ya what, I had NO idea how beautiful Uganda was before I came.  But yikes, yikes,'s breathtaking!
Here's Kelsey, myself and Kara.  These girls are delights.  We're all going to be here for all four months so...I'm going to be in great company.  They're both hilarious and grand.
A view of a bit of the hike.  Zero photoshopping going on.  It's THAT green.  
Me, Cami and Josh. approaching one of the three waterfalls of the hike.  You can see it behind us. 

We made it to the first waterfall and decided to walk underneath a trickling part.  It wasn't the intense downpour, but it was cold and lovely.
Me, Josh and Ashley...we're behind the waterfall .  We thought this was a huge deal--which it was--but there were two more waterfalls to hike to after this.   Count. Me. In.
Cami was taking our pic and told us to celebrate.  Apparently my celebrating pose promotes world peace and an awkward dancing squat.  I dunno...but I can't say I regret it.
Sam and I again.  She's a dear.  She sleeps on the bunk next to me and I enjoy her very berry much.

My nieces Mya and Sadie gave me Lightning McQueen for my birthday to take pictures with him in places where I go.  Wouldn't you know it, Mr. McQueen showed up on our hike.  :)
This is the last waterfall that we were hiking to. this my life?!?  Really?!?  I was blissfully happy.  Nothing could have ruined this moment.  Not if I got mauled by tigers, mugged by a creepster or shot by a sling shot.

We made it to the third waterfall!!  Soooo wet and not minding.  I was wet the rest of the day, my calves and ankles were all kinds of muddy but...oh well.  I spend my everyday life in a skirt.  Why can't I be a bit muddy after a hike to some waterfalls?  I can.  It was sooo fun, so beautiful and reminded me how much I love Uganda and the whole clan of peeps that I live and work with.  Happy and thankful to be here.  Love to you all!  Mals


  1. What a beautiful place! I love all the green. I'm glad you get some time off on Saturdays to site see a little. You look great Mal.

  2. Beckham looked at your pics with me and asked, "is that the jungle?" I told him yes and he wants to know if there are monkeys! So, clue us in on that one when you get a sec, would ya?! It's so gorgeous!

  3. if im not mistaken its the promote world peace and awkward pee stance.... :)