Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh my heart

You know how sometimes in movies the main characters meet eachother in random ways but it's a really fun story? Come to find out, I have one. I came to Utah State not really understanding why, but just that it felt right. I was living with strangers, only knew 4 people on the town--2 of whom are married, one graduated, and the other in another complex. One of the first weekends here I was all alone (roommates out-of-town and unmarried friend home for the weekend) I decided to randomly text the one person in the ward that I knew and hang out with someone. To make a very long story shorter the two guys that I went to hangout with took me to a bonfire where one flirted the whole night with a girl named Bambie (I need to remember not to judge her...but maybe her parents for that name choice) and there were girls dancing around skankily to make the ambiance all the better. They later topped the night off by urinating in front of me and excusing themselves by saying, "I would apologize for that but...your husband will do a lot worse in front of you." Hmm...thank you. I had no idea an evening with you was a nightmare marriage prep course. The DELIGHT of the evening was I spent literally hours talking to this girl who had just returned home from teaching english in AFRICA.
We spoke the whole evening talking about our travels and our passion for the places we've seen, people we've met, what it's made us think and feel, and things we've learned. It was soo nice. I've really wanted to go to Africa for a really long time and so I loved every second of picking her brain about the experience. I then made the mistake of becoming her friend on facebook where I longingly gander at her pictures of these beautiful children and my desire to photoshop myself into these pictures...or just actually go there and help them myself.
Oh my gosh I just find myself laughing and almost crying when I look at these pictures. The children are beautiful, I want to hold them, play with them and take them home. Well I hadn't seen this girl for a long time--since the bonfire--but we'd tried to invite eachother to the different parties that we've had but one of us is always out of town or something. We finally met up on Sunday and then today for lunch. We just sat and talked for 3 hours! The places we want to see, ways we want to help, etc. I adore talking to her because we understand eachother in way that is almost weird. We get eachothers desires and dreams when it feels that not a lot of people do. She gets my feeling of restlessness and my strange love and longing for places that seem to be far away.
The problem is that she's moving to New York in January to be a nanny for a YEAR. I'm going to miss her an awful lot. Our conversations have been so satisfying to me. They're like a breath of fresh air. She gets me and what's important to me. I've loved it. While I am really not happy about life in Logan without her, we've talked about big plans for when I graduate (next december--also when she'll be done making bank in New York). Now I just need to find a poor mans version of New York nannying so that I can get enough money to do the things that I awkwardly long for. I love this girl. And I owe knowing her to the marriage prep peeing boys. Who'da thunk?!


  1. Those little kids are so cute. I want to squeeze them all. Sad your friend is leaving so soon!!!

  2. Hey little cousin. I just found your blog and have been reading through it. You're such a cute face and i love to read about your life - even when there are awkward marriage prep boys involved...Miss you! And good work on your half marathon! You're amazing!