Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the words of Webster's Dictionary...

FLUSY~ Not the type of girl that I am, but the type of illness that I have.

Apparently like 8 million germs thought it'd be hilarious to throw a flu party in my body the last couple of days. Things that being sick makes me appreciate:

  • Freshly brushed teeth. Mmm...tastes soo good!
  • A clean shower---also offering the side bonus of non-matted hair.
  • My parents who are actually wonderful-to-the-max and still take care of their full-grown daughter when she's feeling under the weather.
  • After just sipping nothing but 7-up for days, I found myself blissfully happy with existence of other beverages like Orange juice, water, Gatorade...mylanta the options!!
  • NOT being a couch potato. There is nothing more annoying then being stranded on a couch for long periods of time. Definitely not going to make a career out of it. I walked through Target today and it was lovely. It's so nice to just get out and walk around.
  • Being able to talk like and sound like a female. I had this awkward creepster male voice that was hardly ideal. Nice to be able to speak these days without the fear of freakin' people out with just the sound of my voice.

It's been a great holiday break. There is much to post about but I just barely found this draft and thought I'd post it cause those darling tanzanians in the post below me taunt me whenever I log in to my blog. haha Hope you've had happy holidays. A presto!

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  1. Being sick sucks. However, it does make one appreciate being well... and capable of running, walking, and acting like a normal human being. Speaking of running; Kim and I watched the season opener of "The Biggest Loser" tonight... while sitting on the couch eating chocolate-brownie ice cream. Hmmmm. Did we miss the point? I think not. I mean, I did shed a tear into my heaping mug of frozen dairy cream, which I think enhanced the flavor. Eh. I'll go running tomorrow.