Friday, December 3, 2010


Wow. I discovered the wonder that is today. My sister and sister-in-law make some dazzling things that they sell on that site but I have never really taken a gander at all etsy has to offer. Online dream shopping falls under the category of "A thing or two I'd spend money on if Oprah gave me an unlimited credit card."...besides summers in Africa actually NOT being selfish with money. ANYWHO, judge me if you must, but here are some treasures that did nothing but please.

I l-o-v-e 40s and 50s vintagey swimsuits. Yup, yup. Who knew that instead of just feeling hawaiian printy and spandexy, you can actually look darling while splashing around?

I have recently discovered a strong lack of hatred toward dresses. Obviously there would have to be some modestification with these but...that's the story of a mormon girls life right? Aannd worth the effort if you ask me. Mmm...

I love harem pants. Sometimes there's just something appealing about looking a little...not-so put together. Can't explain it, but I like 'em.

Aaaannnd this little piece of art just made me laugh because I wouldn't be surprised if I've actually said something like this.


  1. Mmm, must have that black swimsuit. It's calling to me.

  2. um where can I find a dress like those?!

  3. Please don't ever, ever buy pants like that. I realize I am not known for my great taste in clothes but . . . Yikes!

  4. Err...what are you guys talking about?! Consider them ordered and in the mail to me. You've made up my mind for me. :) haha