Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dancing fool, water filters, tennis lesson

Life has been good.

Friday and Saturday our team went out dancing at a place called Thatch.  It's one of the nicest places I've ever in Uganda.  Two of our team members--Ashley and Jenny--were going to leave this week.  What better send off could we offer than a right nice dance party? haha It was surprising how needed that dance fest was.  We all went NUTS.  It was fun to go from being working side-by-side with these people everyday to....dancing like a fool with them.  Everyone was dancing full out, out-of-control, for 4 hours!  We were all sweaty, tired and pleased with the evening.

I was able to teach water filters this week.  I taught Stella, Florence and Sophie.  (I'll post pictures after I teach them again today.)  Essentially I just taught about sanitation and told them that their neighborhood would be getting a water filter.  They were so excited!  They're the sweetest women.  They started clapping and were so excited about having clean water--and especially how easy the water filter is to use.  So I'm going to go back today, bring the filter, and teach them how to use it.  I can't wait.  Promise to take pics.

Last night I took tennis lessons!  It was so so fun.  We're friends with a guy named Ayub.  He's an awesome tennis player and plays in the Ugandan open!  So...he's like Ugandan Andy Roddick.  haha He's darling and one of the nicest people I've ever met.  I paid 10,000 shillings and he worked with me for an hour and a half.  10,000 shillings= 4 dollars.  yeah.  It was incredible.  I haven't played tennis is a long time but it was so so fun to get back into it.  He helped me with my swings and footwork.  It was just a wonderful, sweaty hour and a half of fun.  He also goes to Thatch on the weekends and he was hands down my favorite person to dance with.  He's just the cutest little guy.  He dances like he's doing step aerobics or something.  Step touches, jumping, swinging his arms like he's holding a cane. haha

Well I've got some meetings today, water filters, and I was going to visit my beading friend Ida (the one that found out she has HIV).  I'm going to bring her a cute card and something to make her happy.  She's darling.  It's been fun because she really doesn't speak english very well so communicating with her and calling her a friend has been a unique and special relationship.  She's a darling little sass.  I love her.  Hope you're having a good week.


  1. I'm so glad you're still having a good time. Dance party? Tennis lessons? Sounds like tons of fun. It was nice to hear another update and I'm looking forward to the pictures of your work with those ladies and their new water filter. Miss you, love.

  2. It is always great to read a new post and hear you are doing well. So happy you had a good week. We sure miss you. Mommy