Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lengthy hair, Best impulse buys, Loving love

Whirlwind. I have awkward dating stories (which are always a good time) but I will save them for the next blog post.
  • A kid from my past found me. He's been blogged about, in fact. The 21 year-old from Logan that came to country dancing and later on a date "warmed up my hands"...with his hands when mine were cold. Anywho, he said he spent an hour trying to find me on Facebook and we talked on the phone the other day. Flattered that I apparently left a good impression but...super random.
  • The couple that I nanny for have been awesome and have been giving me book recommendations--both for finding jobs and just for enjoyment. Either way, I always enjoy a good book suggestion. 
  • There is a genuine addiction that I have to Starbucks. I'm completely aware that Starbucks is an American shabang.  However, my first time going to Starbucks was when I lived in Paris. Therefore the location holds a completely, irrationally nostalgic place in my heart. Salted caramel hot chocolate. Webster would define it as edible happiness. 
  • I've officially decided that I want to grow my hair out nice and long. I chopped my hair back in 2007 in Paris and I've never let it get too long since then. So we'll see how long it takes and whether or not it will be as pretty in real life as I see it in my head. Haha stay tuned over the next...year?? Who knows how long this is going to take! Haha
  • I went to target tonight. I fell victim to the five dollar movie box and came out with one of my all time favorite movies--"While You Were Sleeping". My sakes, I already don't regret that purchase. I might, maybe, may have walked away with a new red polka dot cardi as well. Yeah, darling and don't regret that either.
  • A friend this summer asked me if I had ever been in love. I laughed and said, "no.  I don't stay with people that long." Haha we then had a conversation about what love is and how you know when you love someone. While I still don't feel like I could honestly say that I've been in love with anyone, I'm amazed at the beauty and power of love. (Whoa.  "The Power of Love" song from Back to the Future just popped into my head.  You're welcome.  That's just a worthwhile jam right there.)  Over the past few days I've skyped some dear Italian friends, written a friend from Zimbabwe, skyped an American friend back in Uganda, spoken to my Alaskan friend that I served with in Italy, a dear friend back in Utah and others. I guess it has just surprised me how every time I've hung up with these people, I feel something deep inside me that truly adores them and the value they add to my life. So yeah, the romantic "in love" stuff, not so much. Not yet anyway. But I'm continually amazed and thankful for the people in my life that have made such an impression on me, that I'm always aware of how much I fully and completely love them. If romantic love is anything like it, I'm in. Because it's my favorite thing.
  • I'm stoked out of my mind for a three day work week. Hopefully little baby James will hook me up with a thanksgiving statement like, "I'm thankful I didn't get pooped or peed on this week." That's never been something I would have been thankful for in the past but alas, that is applicable in my life now.
  • Rebel Wilson is one of my new favorite people. She quite literally makes me laugh out loud all the time. I'll try to eventually post a vid or something but good crap, that lady is hysterical.
  • Op, nearly forgot to blog about seeing the final twilight film. Yes, that really happened. There were many moments when I had to laugh because I realized I was literally watching a flick about vampires and werewolves and yet...somehow at the end I was completely sucked in (whoa definitely an unintentional pun right there.  Yikes.)  and sad it was over. embarrassing. 
Well I'm going to get some shut eye. I will update more later. Til then,


  1. I love these posts when you have so many thoughts swimming around in your head you just have to purge and share everything. Makes me feel like you really aren't so far away. Who knows that many people around the world!

  2. Hmmmm, we will have to discuss the twilight film. I'm unconvinced but intrigued by the fact that you were "sucked in". Love that you're growing your hair out. Love that you have people you love all over the world. Seriously, who is that lucky? And here's hoping you make it through one more day without being sprayed by little James' body fluids. Happy Thanksgiving!!